What our customers say about us


“I actually was picking up an order of honey fried chicken to deliver to a client but that chicken smelled phenomenal!  I wanted to tear into it like crazy!  But I delivered it and promised myself to get my own chicken from Hanson’s as soon as possible.  It does not disappoint.” 

                                                                                                  Lisa Kraus.   October 8th, 2017


“Awesome food! Excellent staff and I definitely highly recommended coming here!”

                                                                                                  Kathi Schenk.  Nov. 26th, 2017


“Best out of 3 burgers in town!  Noodle dishes are phenomenal!  Highly recommend!”

                                                                                                 RS Ferris.           Nov.27th, 2017


“Great food, tons of space, two different bars, pool tables, occasional live music. The new owners have some great plans in store for this place. Definitely worth checking out!“

                                                                                                 Trent Brooks.     Dec. 5th, 2017


“This is an awesome neighborhood bar/restaurant!  Our bartender Lisa was extremely friendly and kind to me and my girlfriend. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the neighborhood looking for a drink, something to eat, or just to hang out and play pool!”

                                                                                                 Chris D.             Dec. 11th, 2017



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